Fostering hope, healing, growth, community, purpose, faith and love in the special needs community.




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Values Proposition

Healing Farms recognizes and celebrates the dignity and value of every human being by giving every person, regardless of perceived ability, an opportunity to participate and contribute. We are preparing the way for people with disabilities to re-enter society on their own terms by leveraging their talents and capabilities so that they may live productive and sustainable lives, breaking the hopeless cycle of welfare. Our concepts and methods will spark a movement that will promote inter-dependence, reduce taxpayer burden and bring people with disabilities out of isolation and back into community.[/one_half]


Mission and Impact

Mission: Healing Farms provides sustainable community-based supports that promote inter-dependence and empower adults with developmental disabilities, their families and communities.

Impact: Through education, job training, recreation, adaptive equipment, and social support, we give individuals not just the tools, but also the motivation to be energetic contributing citizens. We have created a work/life skills training model that will allow individuals with significant disabilities to receive the pre-training necessary to close the gap that has prevented many individuals from becoming employed or from fully participating in community.



The Need is Great and Growing

Funding for programs serving people with developmental disabilities has been dramatically cut leaving millions of our most vulnerable citizens without support services (like day programming, vocational training, respite and residential programs).

With limited access to education, employment, adaptive equipment, and other vital resources, many rarely leave the confines of their home or institution. Because of a lack of understanding, the general consensus is that disabled individuals are unable to contribute to economic and social prosperity.

With these significant barriers in place, the majority of disabled persons never graduate school, earn a job, or gain financial or personal independence. Lack of support and hopelessness in families contributes to extremely high levels of divorce, depression, abuse and neglect. Healing Farms is already leveraging dramatic, positive change in these areas.


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